Despite warnings and advice not to travel during the holidays. It is estimated that only a slight dip from last year in driving will occur. The greatest fall in numbers is projected to be in flying to destinations. Even then as this weekend has proved millions will be doing so. There have been various alerts from US health authorities to stay at home during the holidays. Couples with the wearing of masks and keeping social distancing guidelines. There is also advice that if getting together to do so with only members of your own household. People are going to have to make difficult decisions.  It appears they are doing so by voting with their feet. Where all this will lead us in the projected cases and hospital beds available moving forward is anyone’s guess.

The advice has been announced if people do not heed it. Then there is not very much more that health authorities can do. An appeal to be as responsible as one can while travelling in whichever method chosen is the last resort.


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