No known casualties were detected after a powerful tornado wreaked havoc on the Midwest on March 28, officials announced. The ongoing quarantine was a contributing factor since the local businesses were closed and people remained in social isolation.

However, at least 22 residents of Jonesboro, Arkansas were injured, with 2 hospitalized. The city was among the most affected areas with tornadoes turning cars upside down, destroying houses, shops and damaging the Mall at Turtle Creek. Governor Asa Hutchinson declared the situation a state disaster.

According to the Red Cross that assists with tornado relief, 209 houses in Northeast Arkansas received damage.

The EF1 and EF3 tornadoes, accompanied by thunder stretched over a vast territory including the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa.

EF1 and EF3 is the Enhanced Fujita scale category given to tornadoes with a speed of 86-110 and 136-165 miles per hour respectively


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