There are rising reports of Americans being scammed by Covid-19 related issues running in excess of $12 million in losses as released by the Federal Trade Commission. 

It has reached the point where special Coronavirus Fraud Coordinator’s need to be appointed for each of the 94 U.S. Attorney’s districts. 

“Sad to say,” said Jonathan Spalter, president and CEO of USTelecom, “but robocall scammers are out in full force during this public health emergency, using COVID-19 to prey on vulnerable customers.” 

The scams are plentiful and novel. From phishing emails to fake cures the scam artists are taking advantage of the present situation of confusion and fear regarding the pandemic raging in the Country. 

The huge number of robocalls are being traced back to their source, where the carriers are then notified to shut them down. Recently a Covid-19 testing kit scam traced back to the Philippines was intercepted and the carrier was able to stop the calls. 

Particularly threatening are calls where individuals attempt to extort money from unsuspecting individuals by stating that if they don’t pay up they will come round to their house and find the person with the aim of giving them the virus. The scam then extends to friends and family. 


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