Tornado Photo by Nikolas Noonan on Unsplash

Many residents in the South are wondering whether to stay at home and pray to be spared from the deadly tornadoes that are looming and causing havoc or go to their nearest tornado shelter and risk being infected with Covid-19.

It may be best to take the advice of the experts. As depending on where people live and the structure they live in the shelters may be the best option. If a warning is issued in your area the chances are you are more likely to be affected by the tornado than the virus. The other issue is whether the shelters are actually open given the lockdown and social distancing rules.

There are reports of dangerous tornadoes in Monroe, Louisiana, Yazoo City, Mississippi. There is a weather outbreak in the South and it is spreading eastwards. Strong winds, large hail, and flooding rain could accompany these storms.

Living in a mobile home or similar would mean it may be safer to go to the shelters as that would be the safest option. Many will opt to try and practice social distancing as best as they can in the shelters till the storms pass.

Meteorologist Jonathan Belles commented the nature of tornados. According to him, this phenomenon is typical for any time of the year, but the best conditions always arise in the second half of spring in the Central Plains or the place known as tornado alley.

Always seek information from your local authorities to guide best steps for you if you receive a tornado warning in your area.


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