Internet users have helped to discover the identity of “TheCrazyCatLadyFirst”, an online personality known for torturing animals on camera. The woman, who claimed to be a taxidermist, used her TikTok account to post the time and date of her next torture session. 

She never used TikTok to post anything explicit, however. Instead, she would announce that users could try and catch her on Omegle, an anonymous chat room service. It allows you to only chat with random people, but TheCrazyCatLadyFirst’s audience was persistent enough to eventually beat the algorithms and stumble upon her livestreams

The livestreams always involved her skinning the animals alive or using different methods of torture. Internet vigilantes have begun to search for the woman’s real identity, while simultaneously alerting the U.S. authorities. 

Finally, on May 4th, a message appeared on one of the subreddits on from a person claiming to be Anne P. Mitchell, an attorney working privately with the police agencies in Kokomo, Indiana.

“What I can confirm publicly, and all that I can at present confirm publicly is that Krystal S. is presently detained, and will not be able to carry out any activities that she has been alleged to have been doing,” the message read. “The events that have unfolded would not have been possible without the dedicated sleuthing of the people on Reddit and other Internet platforms. I can say that the law enforcement agencies are taking this *very* seriously. (Please stop calling them now.)

“I will give an update as soon as I have more information that I am able to share publicly.”

The moderators could not immediately verify the credibility of this user, or if “TheCrazyCatLady’s” name is really Krystal S. 

The story is developing.


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