Almost all global sports events are postponed or canceled for now, but it doesn’t break Serena William’s spirit. Serena, the winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles, has competed with her strongest opponent — herself. 

The tennis queen used her personal Tik Tok account to upload a fascinating video that has since gone viral. It is a short movie starring two “Serenas”, one wearing white, and the other one in pink, engaged in a pretty intense game of tennis. 

Both characters eventually drop exhausted, but, do not forget to uplift each other. “You’re tough!” admits the Pink Serena, while her competitor responds: “You’re not so bad yourself.”

The video, captioned as “written, directed, produced, and starring Serena Williams, was somewhat uplifting for tennis lovers all over the world who have been devastated by the recent cancellation of Wimbledon.


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