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Fashion icon and child movie star Mary-Kate Olsen is filing for divorce. The reason is simple: conflict of interest in marriage. The news came from the proved source from the side of her husband, a stepbrother of ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  Her husband wanted Mary-Kate to go out of public life and get pregnant. She answered this with a categorical refusal.

She and her twin sister Ashley are the owners of a lot of successful brands in the fashion industry. They spent most of the time to make the business grow up. Mary-Kate Olsen’s husband wanted to change this towards a traditional relationship.

Mary-Kate is considered a crazy workaholic who is ready to work irregularly almost 24/7. She can work for 12 hours per day. Her husband did not like this state of affairs. He made peace for a long time and delivered an ultimatum. The relationship didn’t pass the test at this point.

Interestingly, Olivier Sarkozy did not want children from her. He is already the father of two teenagers from his first marriage. Mary-Kate did not care, but recently she has been thinking about pregnancy.

Olivier and Mary-Kate don’t live together now, and the situation is heating up on the eve of the divorce. The first attempt to start the divorcing process was made on April 17, but Olsen was unable to do so due to pandemic restrictions. Sarkozy at that time asked her to leave the apartment.

The woman is shocked by the latest news. She asks to extend the lease of the apartment until May 30.  Mary-Kate notice that her husband can destroy her personal property, and about the problem of searching for another home during the current pandemic world. The court must consider her application condescendingly.


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