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Specialty’s Café & Bakery stops working forever after more than 30 years after founding.

The well-known and praised Bay Area-based restaurant chain fell victim to the COVID-19 lockdown. A big portion of the company’s revenue has always depended on office catering orders, the stay-at-home policy harmed that irreversibly.

Specialty’s Café’ owners, FEMSA Comercio, released a commentary on May 15th explaining the hard decision:

They cited the coronavirus lockdown issue as the main motive for the closure. Like most other businesses in this area, revenues fell and there was no plan B. The restaurant announced its last working day on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. All prepaid reservations for Wednesday, May 20, and the following days, they promised to compensate in full after individual contact with each client. Also, the restaurant thanked everyone who has visited it over the years.

The message is currently available on the main page of their official website. The whole website is unavailable now.

Specialty’s Café & Bakery was launched in 1987 and soon gained popularity for its always-fresh and diverse cuisine.  6 years ago, the brand had already grown into a chain of 50 shops all over the U.S., moved its main office to Pleasanton. Mexican-based corporation FEMSA owned for the last four years.


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