In the world of the creative fashion designer adaptability and innovation are not new. They are influencers, social introducers and creative innovators. To keep society entranced by their clothes. This is a continuous endeavour as that society is equally eager to consume the newest design voraciously. This creation production requires to be at a steady pace. In order to meet that demand by their audience, it is no surprise that designers are in high pressure to achieve industry. The pandemic does not make it any easier, as in order to maintain the demands of their audience. Fashion runways are the main avenue by which they show their designs.

This has caused further innovation as the pandemic disallows crowded rooms full of people. One designer’s answer is to send video catalogues for his creations. Technology has enhanced video production. To produce video capability that amazes its viewers.

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Theresa keeps an eye on everything that captivates the Internet today. Theresa is one of those lucky people with the ability to adapt to any environment — the perks of being a military brat. So when her plans to become a professional athlete fell through due to a torn ACL, she turned her energy into videography classes, soon becoming an intern at the NewsWeb channel. With 14 years of working for PineTV, WLT, News On and WeBroadcast under her belt Theresa is a strong believer in the power of good footage. Theresa has settled in Boca Raton (because truly nothing compares to Florida) and collects vintage video equipment.


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