Not unknown for controversy this brand just rolled out its own alcoholic drink and not at a cheap price. However, that did not stop selling out of the product. Its owner is flamboyant, eccentric and outspoken and a multi-billionaire as his share price has gained approximately 500% this year. It is not the first time this brand has been involved with a controversial product. They sold branded shorts to mock investors that had gone short on their shares. Controversy follows this flamboyant owner whether he is offering solar panels or going into space and back with leading-edge rockets. It is no wonder that people are at the edge of their seats wondering what he comes up with next.

Not shy in coming forward he continues to delight and horrifies his and his company’s large fan base in equal measure.  

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Mike is our Business Reporter who also used to make pop-up adaptations of Plato’s work. Mike strongly believes that Business should be recognized as an independent category of philosophy. That’s probably because he actually attended the IE University and double-majored in Philosophy and Business Analytics, so it’s hard to dispute. Growing up in a household of university professors, Mike has always been innovative with the knowledge that the world offered to him. He covered subjects such as finance, money, economic issues, stock market data for The Vault, Money Aim, RIS Media, and The Realtor. We were, however, surprised when Mike agreed to be our independent Business Reporter, since he used to claim he didn’t know what to do in media. This was false, he's just too humble.


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