Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson tested positive of the coronavirus while filming in Australia. Photo source: Rita Wilson Instagram

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson diagnosed with the coronavirus while in Australia for a film project. Coronavirus now officially a global pandemic.

Tom Hanks announced on his Instagram account that he and his wife tested positive of the coronavirus

The couple is doing fine, feeling minor discomfort but thankful that they caught the diagnosis early. So far, Australia as 128 confirmed coronavirus cases with three deaths. The US has over 1,300 confirmed cases with 38 deaths. Globally, there are 126,000 estimated cases and about 4,500 deaths. The World Health Organization has officially declared the coronavirus as a global pandemic. This fueled more panic for people worldwide causing panic-buying of goods like gloves, tissue, masks, etc.

The couple will stay in Australia for an indefinite time until they get a clean bill of health.

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