Photo via Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Kelley on Coastguard Compass.

Back in 2018 Donald Trump received a warning from Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the possibility of a heart attack incident during the next3-5 years .” The drug hydroxychloroquine which Trump takes daily can increase that risk.

The POTUS’ official medical reports from two years ago showed a coronary calcium score of 133, which was disclosed by the White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson. The score scale means that everything more than a hundred is a strong risk to the heart.

During his May 18th press conference, Trump admitted to using hydroxychloroquine. It is used against malaria, and the President thought that will help protect him from coronavirus.

He recently commented that he takes this medication for two weeks every day. Trump’s experience is based on outside judgments in his opinion.

But hydroxychloroquine, which has never been approved as a legitimate anti-сorona cure, can cause serious injuries to the circulatory system. The FDA made a warning last Month, regarding that the drug can cause death and there’s a huge risk to experiment with it. The official statement about the side effects of the Hydroxychloroquine is posted at the DFA official website and available for everyone.


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