Photo via Dmitry Mishin on Unsplash

The Utah Food Bank (UFB) and the Roy Baptist Church charity event ended up in two young girls aged 5 and 11 being hospitalized. last week. On April 6th UFB released the official statement confirming the details.

63 families in the city of Roy were gifted food bags during the event. Every bag contained several types of Nerds Rope, a popular brand of chewing candy with crunchy filling. However, it was not a child-friendly type, but the “Medicated Nerds Rope” one, laced with cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol commonly known as THC.

Each candy contained 400 mg of THC. In total five kids ingested the cannabinoid-infused candy, with two being transferred to the Primary Children’s Medical Center after feeling sick. They were released on April 6th, with no reported lasting health damage.

The Utah Food Bank representatives claim that it was hardly possible to tell the regular Nerd Ropes from the THC-ones because of how similar the packages were. They issued an apology and promised to be more careful in the future.


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