Dr. Guillermo Andres Cortez is accused of assaulting a colleague Dr. Mina Zare in 2015. This led to the California Medical Board to revoke his license. The decision was adopted by the decree of the administrative court. Both doctors worked at the Los Angeles County Medical Center. The verdict comes into force 30 days after it was pronounced, on May 24 this year.

The victim noted that the incident took place in 2015 at a hospital in the Boyle Heights area. According to the victim, Cortez kissed and penetrated her against her will. During the investigation, it turned out that two employees of the hospital had similar claims against the ex-doctor.

The accused rejected all claims against him. He clarified that there was no physical contact with the victim at all, and sex with two other women took place by mutual consent.

The investigation decided that the victim was right. Information from two other persons was not added to the case file.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Cortez still has a chance to continue working. He had no professional penalties or complaints and, moreover, no probationary period was assigned to him. There is everything you need to be reinstated in office for Dr. Cortez, according to his lawyer Peter Osinov.

Due to the materials of the investigation, the incident took place in late autumn 2015, when two doctors were discussing a professional issue in the absence of witnesses. Further, the accused pounced on her, squeezed her in the doorway, kissed and overpowered her. The attack lasted about 3-5 minutes, according to Dr. Zara. Her requests, pleas and cries were not heard.

At the moment, the attacker’s lawyer notes that he and the client are still considering the prospects of an appeal to the Los Angeles Supreme Court. They haven’t decided to do it 100% yet.


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