It is pertinent to note a recent UN warning on greenhouse emissions. They are advising that the last 10 years have been a torrid time regarding climate catastrophes. In their findings, they are saying that the frequency of incidence. Is double what was experienced in the 10 years before that. The agreement reached in Paris set a target which we are far from meeting. It is also irony that the biggest polluters are experiencing the most deaths from natural forces. We all must try much harder to reduce our pollution rates in order to arrive at that agreement target.  If we don’t they say than this planet of ours will be a living hell.

Subsequently however is difficult to arrive at a consensus when nations who are at a certain stage in their development. Feel that the developed nations have arrived at their affluence at their expense. Now that they are seeking that affluence then the developed nations are impeding their path with strict restrictions regarding their activities to achieve this.


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