There is no longer the chance of a stimulus before the end of the year.  The president of the US announced he is withdrawing his negotiating team from the meetings. Some sectors were desparately awaing the stimulus funds. As the American economy still remained weak. A number of businesses and individuals were counting on the funds to keep going. The Federal Reserve’s Chairman’s view was to grant the stimulus without delay. He surmised that it would alleviate unnecessary hardships to those who need it. This was before the announcement by the president. The US Postal Service, schools, local and state authorities, Airlines, first responders and emergency workers. Also, welfare recipients, families and individuals were all very vocal on the need to release desperately required funds now.

Unfortunately, the two sides in the negotiation were never close regarding an agreement. What should be in the second stimulus and for how much was always in dispute? Now, of course, everyone is holding on into the new year.


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