Surveillance footage shows two alleged perpetrators in the UPS office. Photo via Hendersonville Police Department.

On the morning of March 27th two men entered a UPS Store in Hendersonville. Both looked drastically different: one seemed to be a friendly middle-school-teacher type in glasses and neat clothes. The other was hiding a bearded face under a parka hood.

Whilst the first one was chatting with staff, the hooded man quickly placed down an unmarked package. He then activated it, causing an explosion.

Both men quickly left. The exploded package left a small cloud of white powder, that prompted the store employees to rapidly evacuate.

Luckily, the Hazardous Materials Team that responded to the emergency call, determined the substance as non-life-threatening. It turned out to be a makeshift device created from a pepper-ball spray. No one in the building was harmed.

Law enforcement soon identified both men. So far only one of them, 38-year-old Christopher Murray has been charged with felony perpetrating a hoax, reports Wyff4.

The investigation continues.

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