Georgia police shared one of the most mind-blowing stories of the passing week on April 17th. Crystan Graham, a pregnant Lilburn woman was rushed to the hospital by her mother Krystal when their Chevy Tahoe flew off the wet highway. Jones was already in labor when that happened.

The first responders found the women alive and conscious at the Lawrenceville Highway but were shocked to learn that Crystan had managed to give birth in the car wreck. 

The baby, however, was nowhere to be found.

The officers immediately began to search for the newborn in the grass; the sun wasn’t up yet and it was still dark and cold. But the baby girl was found alive and well right inside the crashed car, underneath the back seats. While being quiet, she was moving her arms and legs and grabbed an officer’s finger when he reached down to pick her up.

All three passengers were eventually moved to Gwinnett Medical Center. Little Cea was placed in the neonatal intensive care unit, but her life is not in danger. 

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