Prepare for the consequences by using the other person. 39-year-old North Carolina resident Rian Brownlee will serve a three-year prison sentence for “being” a FBI agent.

More information about the case is available in a press release from the district attorney’s office made on April 23. Woman created a fake account on a dating site with a direct statement about her work with the FBI. The accident took place in the early 2019.

This is not complete fault. She called herself “Agent Alexandria Mancini”, showed a photo with a fake FBI badge and a kind of service weapon. The woman claimed to be an undercover agent in a drug trafficking case.

Rian Brownlee even managed to go out on a date while staying in character. The woman later fled from the authorities in a stolen car. During the proceedings, it turned out that she had been repeatedly convicted. In particular, she was already accused of theft and illegal use of other people’s personal data.


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