Photo via South Lake Tahoe Police Department.

It seems like these days there is no forbidden fruit more desirable for public offenders than grocery stores. On April 7th the South Lake Tahoe Police Department responded to a call from a Safeway Store where a female customer was vigorously grabbing meat, liquor bottles and jewelry from the shelves, licking them and throwing them into her shopping cart.

These goods, of course, became unsellable the moment the woman spread her saliva over them. There was a chance she believed that now the employees would let her go without paying for those items due to the Coronavirus contamination fears.

However, the employees simply got the authorities involved.

NBC reports that the local police department was “familiar” with the woman who was identified as 53-years-old Jennifer Walker, even though the representatives have never elaborated further.

Walker currently remains in jail on a $10,000 bond. She is officially suspected of felony vandalism as of now, and the total value of the items she licked is reported to be $1,800.


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